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Adding WIM image support to XP/Vista

Date published: April 27, 2009

Portlock License Manager supports Microsoft's Windows Image Format (WIM). Portlock License Manager can mount, export, modify and dismount WIM images.

Follow the steps below to enable Portlock License Manager to support WIM images and to install to a system without burning the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) ISO image to disc or installing the entire WAIK package.

Note: The steps on this page are a brief overview. Read the PDF for more in-depth instructions.

  1. Using Portlock License Manager, create a new ISO Library named "Windows Vista SP1 AIK."
  2. Download the Windows Vista SP1 AIK. Save the ISO image to the location specified by the ISO library created in step #1, or import the ISO into the library created in step #1.
  3. Select the AIK ISO Image in the left tree window.
  4. Click on the Files tab.
  5. Right-click on "winpe.cab" and select Extract files and directories to TMP directory. This file is needed for the next step.
  6. For 32-bit Windows, right-click on "waikx86.msi"; for 64-bit systems, right-click on "waikamd64.msi."
  7. Select Launch MSI Installer. The selected MSI will be copied to the Portlock License Manager temporary directory and then executed.
  8. From the Portlock License Manager menu, select File › Properties › WIM Support › Enable WIM Support.