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Portlock Data Recovery Services


Portlock Software provides both products and services for NetWare data recovery for Traditional and NSS volumes and partitions. We are experts on the layout, design and feature sets of NetWare file systems. As the only company with tools that directly manipulate NSS volumes, we are in strong position to help you recover your data.

Note: Portlock does not provide "free" technical support for data recovery. This is a fee based service that Portlock provides.

NetWare Data Recovery Tips:

This page has some useful suggestions.

Booting Problem Systems:

The Portlock Linux Boot CD is a downloadable ISO image that supports server class systems from Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, etc. This CD is bootable and auto configures Ethernet and Storage device drivers. This ISO image also includes Portlock Storage Manager for DOS, Linux and NetWare. When your system will not boot, or will not boot correctly, the Portlock Linux Boot CD could be a life saver.

Portlock Linux Boot CD with Portlock Storage Manager.

Portlock Storage Manager will also run from a bootable diskette.

Minimum files to run Portlock Storage Manager from a floppy: Unzip onto a formatted bootable floppy diskette.

Case Studies:

This page has some examples on how Portlock Storage Manager is used for Data Recovery.


For the past 36 months, Portlock Software has been working with hundreds of customers to recover deleted or damaged NetWare volumes and partitions including NSS and NetWare 6 systems. When an automated tool such as Portlock Storage Manager cannot recover your data, or you just want an expert to do the job for you, give us a call at 406-723-5200.

In most cases, we can connect to your server remotely to analyze and repair your system.

NetWare Data Recovery Services Page.

Purchase Data Recovery Services:

Important note: Data Recovery is not a guaranteed service. For some situations, recovery may not be possible.

To initiate a Data Recovery service, please contact the Portlock Sales Department at 406-723-5200. A signed contract, and an upfront payment of $2495 is required before recovery services will commence. This payment is non-refundable and includes 3 hours of data recovery support, and a single copy of Portlock Storage Manager. If additional hours are required to recover lost data, the billing amount will be an additional $500 per hour. Typically, Portlock data recovery service is accomplished in three hours; however, depending on corruption of the data additional time may be required.


Portlock Storage Manager

Portlock Storage Manager supports data recovery of DOS, NetWare and NSS partitions and volumes. When an accident strikes, Portlock Storage Manager can often save the day and the budget.

Download an evaluation version of Portlock Storage Manager. Then run Portlock Storage Manager to confirm that an automated recovery is possible. Portlock Storage Manager will display partitions and volumes that can be recovered. Then just purchase a licensed copy to complete the recovery process.

Download Portlock Storage Manager

Partition and Volume Recovery Features:

  1. Recover DOS partitions that have been accidentally deleted
  2. Recover NetWare partitions that have been accidentally deleted
  3. Recover NSS partitions that have been accidentally deleted
  4. Recover NetWare volumes that have been accidentally deleted
  5. Recover NSS volumes that have been accidentally deleted

For most partition recovery operations, Portlock Storage Manager can report the date and time that the partition was created. This valuable information can help determine the exact partition to recover.

Disk Testing Features:

  1. Verify the integrity of the disk drive media using several different types of verification. Perform read-only or read-write types of tests.
  2. Reports detailed information on the NetWare device interfaces and device information
  3. Measure sequential and random I/O performance

NetWare Partition Repair Features:

  1. Verify the integrity of NetWare partitions using several different types of verification. Perform read-only or read-write types of tests.
  2. Detect and replace defective data blocks using Novell HotFix technology
  3. Detect and repair logical errors with the structure of a NetWare partition

Drive Image Features:

  1. Portlock Storage Manager supports creating an image file of an entire disk drive that contains a copy of every sector on the drive. Use this image to create an exact backup of a drive before performing data recovery. If one technique for data recovery fails, restore the image and try another data recovery technique.

For more information about Portlock Storage Manager

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