Portlock Storage Manager

Using Portlock Storage Manager Client to install Portlock Storage Manager for NetWare

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Portlock recommends using Portlock License Manager to install Portlock Storage Manager on a NetWare server. Read the information on this page, or watch the video.

Quick start

  1. Download and Install Portlock Storage Manager Client from our web site.
  2. Download Portlock Storage Manager.
    • Click the “PSM” icon in the Portlock License Manager toolbar.
  3. Import or select the desired Portlock Storage Manager License
    • Click the “Import” icon in the Portlock License Manager Toolbar.
  4. Map a drive letter to the SYS volume
    • Use Portlock License Manager's NetWare Map Drive command, located in the "PSM" menu. Alternatively, use Novell's Map Network Drive utility (located in the Windows Taskbar's notification area).
  5. Install Portlock Storage Manager to the NetWare server.
    • Right-click on the desired NetWare server or select Install Portlock Storage Manager from the PSM menu.

System requirements

  • Windows XP or later version of Windows.
  • Novell Client for Windows.
  • Portlock License Manager Version or later.


Portlock License Manager is the officially supported procedure to install Portlock Storage Manager and Portlock Storage Manager licenses on NetWare servers. Additional manual methods are available for disaster recovery situations.

Step 1: Download and install Portlock License Manager

Portlock License Manager supports both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and can be downloaded from the following location:


Step 2: Download Portlock Storage Manager

Download Portlock Storage Manager using Portlock License Manager by selecting Download › Download Portlock Storage Manager from the menu or by selecting the Portlock Storage Manager download icon in the toolbar as shown below:

PSM icon

Portlock License Manager will provide the latest version of Portlock Storage Manager for download. Select the box and hit “OK.” The Portlock Storage Manager .zip file will be imported into the Portlock Storage Manager library in Portlock License Manager.

Download PSM

Step 3: Import your Portlock Storage Manager license

To import a Portlock Storage Manager license file into Portlock License Manager, select License › Import license into Library from the menu. The license will be saved to the “Portlock Licenses” library.

PSM license

Step 4: Map a drive letter to the NetWare server

The default installation directory for Portlock Storage Manger is SYS:/STORMGR. Prior to starting the product installation, map a drive letter to the NetWare server's SYS volume and STORMGR directory.

To map a drive letter from Portlock License Manager, select the "PSM" menu and then select "Map NetWare Drive."

NetWare Drive Map
NetWare Drive Map
NetWare Drive Map

Alternatively, you can map a drive from Novell Client by right-clicking on the Novell Client icon in the lower-right corner of the taskbar and selecting “Novell Map Network Drive.”

Note: You will need access rights to the SYS volume.

Novell Client menu

Note: If the system is rebooted after mapping a NetWare drive from Novell Client, you will not automatically login to the NetWare server unless you place a checkmark in the “Check to always map this drive letter when you start Windows” checkbox.

Novell map drive menu

Step 5

When Portlock License Manager starts up, it begins by running a silent network scan for any NetWare systems currently running. If a system is found, it will be displayed under the “NetWare Servers” tree in the left pane of Portlock License Manager under “Remote Systems.”

To install Portlock Storage Manager, select “Install Portlock Storage Manager” by right-clicking on a remote NetWare system in the left pane.

Because we have already mapped a drive to the installation directory on our NetWare system, Portlock License Manager will detect this directory by default and display it in the destination menu. Next, select the ”Browse” button and specify the Portlock Storage Manager product to install.

Finally, browse to the location of the production Portlock Storage Manager license to install Portlock Storage Manager without any limitations. For evaluation use, select the box “Do not install a license at this time.” Portlock Storage Manager will be installed to the remote NetWare system.

Install PSM