Portlock Leap Frog

Portlock Leap Frog release notes

Release date: December 14, 2009.

Key new features

  1. Added a "Compact Virtual Disk" feature, which defragments the virtual disk host file to improve performance or to prepare a virtual disk for shrinking. Compaction can take a long time but can be interrupted and resumed at any time.
    Portlock Leap Frog's new 'Compact Virtual Disk' feature
    Portlock Leap Frog's new 'Compact Virtual Disk' feature
  2. Improved the "Check for Updates" feature. If updates are detected, the "Updates" icon on the Portlock Leap Frog toolbar will change to "New Update."
    Portlock Leap Frog's new 'Update Available' feature
  3. Vastly decreased the size of the Portlock Leap Frog installer. Users can now download new updates and install new versions much more quickly.
  4. Improved the appearance of many dialog boxes. We used a mix of different font faces and colors, and implemented a "See/Hide Details" feature (pictured below).
    Portlock Leap Frog's new 'See/Hide Details' feature

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