Portlock Boot CD for NetWare

Using Portlock License Manager to replace the Portlock Storage Manager evaluation license on the Portlock Boot CD for NetWare

Note: This document applies to versions 5.02 and later of the Portlock Boot CD for NetWare.

Versions 5.02 and later of the Portlock Boot CD for NetWare include Portlock License Manager, which is a utility that automatically installs a Portlock Storage Manager license. Immediately following the Portlock Boot CD for NetWare's boot sequence, Portlock License Manager searches for a valid license and overwrites any other license file (evaluation, missing, corrupted or expired). If more than one license is found, a dialog box will appear as shown below. If found it will be copied silently and when Portlock Storage Manager is started, the software will run in production mode.

Portlock recommends that NetWare users create a directory called "License" (see example below), on a DOS partition (C:\License) and copy the production license to this directory. Now every time this machine boots with the Portlock Boot CD for NetWare, Portlock License Manager will automatically detect and install the Portlock Storage Manager license.

The license file can also be copied to a floppy or USB Key and the Portlock Boot CD for NetWare will find the license file at either location during startup. Once Portlock License Manager appears, select the production license from the appropriate location.

Portlock License Manager will search the following directories for a production license (stormgr.lic):

  • \

  • \License
  • \Stormgr
  • \Portlock\License
  • \Program Files\Portlock\License
  • \Program Files\Portlock\Storage Manager