Public BETA Program

Portlock Storage Manager 4.02 BETA for NetWare

New Features in 4.02 BETA

  • Added support for NetWare 6.5 SP6 Hard Links.

  • Added support for NetWare 6.5 SP7 BETA.
  • Added support for devices with Removable Media such as Iomega ZIP, USB Flash Drives, etc to the WinPE version. Errors are no longer displayed if the media is not present for removable media devices. Upon insertion of media, the new media is correctly recognized.
  • Added support for Windows Vista Server (Longhorn) partition style of aligning partitions on Megabyte boundaries instead of cylinder boundaries.
  • WinPE: Added optical disc support (CD / DVD / Blu-ray).
  • Linux: Added optical disc support (CD / DVD / Blu-ray).
  • WinPE: Added Tape support.
  • Linux: Added support for imaging LVM Volumes.

BETA Warning

Portlock Storage Manager 4.02 BETA is a preview of features that will be included in the next production version. This version has not completed QA and may have a number of bugs. Do not use this version on production machines. Please send us feedback to help us create a better product for you.

BETA Technical Support

Technical Support for beta products is provided by

Include the following information:

  1. Please remember to mention that you are evaluating or testing a BETA version.

  2. A logfile. Add the command line option -logfile=beta.log when running the software. Detailed information is written to the logfile during the software execution. ZIP the logfile and attach to your email as
  3. The VMware ESX Server version version that you are executing our product on.
  4. Mention if you are booting from the Portlock Boot CD. If so, include hardware information.
  5. Include exact steps to reproduce. Don't say, restore failed. Specify exactly what failed and how. Include the logfile in your email as a ZIP attachment.


3.2 MB ZIP | Version 4.02 BETA | May 29, 2007