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NetWare Volume Sync

Last Update: April 24, 2015


Portlock Storage Manager provides a feature for synchronizing NetWare volumes.

Getting Started

In the left tree window expand Portlock Library -> Remote Systems ->NetWare Servers. Right-click on your NetWare server and select NetWare Volume Sync. A wizard will display to setup a NetWare volume sync. The sync parameters are stored in an XML job file that can be replayed.


  • NetWare 6.5 SP8.
  • A future update will support OES 11 SP2.
  • Portlock Storage Manager Client 3.36 (To be released June 2015).
  • Portlock Storage Manager for NetWare 3.26 (To be released June 2015).

Beta Download


  • Synchronize NetWare volumes on the same or different servers.
  • Synchronize entire NetWare volumes or only certain directories.
  • Synchronize only directories for high speed copying of Trustees, Directory Quotas and User Space Restrictions.
  • Several volumes can be synchronized at the same time.
  • Mirror and Copy types of synchronization.
  • File attributes and ownership are copied and managed.
  • Trustees, Directory Quotas and User Space Restrictions are copied.
  • Alternate Data Streams, Extended Attributes and Name Spaces are copied.
  • Compressed files are synchronized as compressed files (no decompression required).
  • Uses file snapshots for locked files.
  • Supports NSS Pool Snapshots.
  • NSS volumes do not need to be mounted.
  • The source volume can be on a server booted with the Portlock Boot CD (offline synchronization).
  • Supports scheduling.
  • Supports integration with EFL (Event File List) for continuous synchronization.
  • Supports writing synchronization records to a SQL database.
  • Supports sending status reports via email.
  • Skip files based upon type, name or extension.
  • Skip specific files and directories.
  • Skip NetWare reserved file types.
  • Syncs can be cancelled and restarted at a later time.
  • Store synchronization job parameters in an XMLfile for repeatable syncs.

Table of Contents:

NetWare Volume Sync Wizard

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NetWare Volume Sync Status Dialog

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