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Customer Testimonials

"Portlock was suggested by the Novell rep in our tech support department. I had researched data recovery about two months before when I had a different problem and found your web site, so I was aware of Portlock Storage Manager and your partnership with Novell.

I wanted to let you know your product and people performed magic. I recovered my entire volume without any loss. I want to make you aware of the extra assistance of Mr. Hanley in Hawaii. His knowledge, professionalism and success in walking me through the repair procedure is greatly appreciated." - Stephen Ellis, FHWA Georgia Division, USA

"Portlock Storage Manager saved me untold time and worry. I just migrated two Netware systems off an EMC Symmetrix SAN. Portlock Storage Manager is the only product, that I know of, that enabled me to 'clone' the entire system. I've used Ghost for Netware and Server Magic but those two wouldn't even touch a SAN. I did the whole migration of two servers in about 6 hours. That may sound like a long time but if I had to start over.... OH MY! Those two servers held RW replica's of the ROOT of my tree. In addition, just this last week I migrated a 69GB TFS volume from a Hitachi SAN to an EMC CLARiiON using Portlock Storage Manager.

I can attest to Portlock Storage Manager from Portlock Software. I've used it to migrate volumes and entire servers AND resize volumes. It's not free, but to me WELL WORTH the price. It's saved me MANY hours of work." - Michael Holmes, Seminole Community College, USA

"Portlock Storage Manager has been a key tool in the maintenance of our Novell NetWare volumes. The volume corruption we experienced over years of upgrades was resolved through excellent technical support. We have been able to verify that our volumes are clean, and server upgrades are easy with Portlock Storage Manager's Copy Volume feature." - Frank Bulk, Dordt College Computer Services, USA

"I just want to share my recent experience about Portlock Storage Manager. One of my partitions was re-initialized, and I thought I lost everything. This was at about 5:30pm Central time.

I heard about Portlock Storage Manager in the Novell Support Forums, so I quickly ordered/downloaded a copy, in hopes that I could save my system.

I am running NetWare 6 and in the current version of Portlock Storage Manager, the repair options were hidden (not officially tested and supported), so I called in for support. I was able to talk to John (this guy is amazing), who did an unbelievable job at fixing my problem. By about 8:00pm everything was back up and together again and without any loss of data.

In short, I will now always be a customer of Portlock Software, and I think every NetWare shop should have a copy of Portlock Storage Manager ready to use at a moments notice for when very bad things happen. A very good product and excellent support. Keep it up John." - Justin Fisk, Computerized Structural Design, USA

To my new friends at Portlock Software, (try to read through to the end... there's an old fashioned data recovery duel. It's really quite dramatic!)

I can't express enough thanks for your help this weekend. I write business software for a living, and in the process of trying to mirror my new client's production server for development purposes I performed what we in the industry (or maybe just me) call a blunder of all blunders. The result: Netware 3.12 volume segments were lost and I could not get them back using Portlock Storage Manager or any other recovery software (and believe me, I tried all the usual suspects).

Friday night at 12:30am I panicked and called another data recovery company to try and get my client's deleted volume segments restored. I was surprised to find out how much they charge (anywhere from 12 to 25 thousand dollars for emergency service!) I ended up paying for a diagnosis from that company ($1750) to see if the files were even salvageable. It's expensive, but my client had already lost one day of taking orders and billing with their system... another day (or week) would be drastic for their bottom line and their reputation (not to mention my own reputation.)

During the diagnosis session, John Hanley from Portlock called me to see how I was faring. He had been trying to help me for the last couple days (despite his own very busy schedule) because he noticed an email I sent to the sales department at around 11p.m. on Thursday night. John went above and beyond what anyone should expect in trying to make time for me - and the staff at Portlock were so helpful and considerate each time I called asking for him. Amidst the nightmare that unfolded over the last two days, I actually looked forward to calling Portlock... they somehow helped me stay calm and keep my head. Anyway, John called while the other company was diagnosing. Here's where it get's interesting...

I had done a sector-by-sector copy of the bad server, so we set that disk up on another machine with the TCP/IP client loaded and John connected to it. I now had dueling data recovery artists, working virtually side by side in a mad race to save my data!! [To be fair, the other company did not know that it was a race :) ]

To make a long story (and long, sleepless, 3 days) short, John rebuilt the Netware partition tables manually and recovered ALL the data in place... no copying to a different location, no re-installing Netware... just fixed! And best of all, he finished it while the other company was still diagnosing. I won't tell you how much money he saved me, but it was a ridiculously large amount (he could easily charge a lot more and get away with, but this hero of the recovery world refuses to "gouge" customers).

Thank you so much for all your help John - and thank you Portlock for a wonderful product. I'm going to try to get my clients to use it for backups so this kind of thing won't happen in the future. - Charlie Solomon, Beldin Technologies, USA