About Portlock

Company Profile

Portlock Software -- founded in January, 2000 -- is a leading developer of storage management, server-to-server migration and disaster recovery software and services, dedicated to innovation, development, and customer support. Portlock has a global footprint marketing products in the United States and Europe, utilizing over 260 channel partners worldwide for the resale of products. Portlock corporate headquarters are located at 20002 73rd Ave NE, Kenmore WA 98028.

Portlock provides both products and services for NetWare data recovery for Traditional and NSS volumes and partitions. Portlock’s knowledge and expertise encompasses the design and feature sets of NetWare and Windows file systems. As the only company with tools that directly manipulate NSS volumes, Portlock helps companies recover lost data.

Product Profile

Portlock’s product suite includes Portlock Storage Manager for NetWare, Portlock Boot CD, Portlock License Manager, Portlock Windows Update Manager, Portlock Device Manager and Portlock System Management and Recovery Toolkit (SMART) Suite for Windows.

There are seven main features of Portlock products:

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Data Recovery
  • Server to Server Migration
  • Storage Management
  • File System Conversion
  • File system Optimization
  • File system Forensics


Portlock has developed specific short and long term goals and strategies to remain successful in the storage industry. A major area of focus is the continuing expansion of the marketing and product presence in the United States and Europe. Portlock will continue to enhance the existing products, as well as develop new ones, with continued emphasis on growing the channel partner business and building upon existing relationships.

Portlock areas of focus:

  • Continued development of support for Microsoft products.
  • Increase the number of worldwide channel partners and build upon the existing relationships.
  • Increase the direct calling, marketing and mailing campaigns, focusing on existing and potential customers.
  • Develop relationships with distributors that have a world wide presence for product marketing.
  • Continue product training to improve product and industry knowledge level for all employees.
  • Office Expansion into new markets.
  • Hire Software Developers to improve product “go to market” strategies.

Storage Management Industry

Information storage challenges are widespread and well known, but Portlock’s software provides the solution for the challenge IT managers encounter on a day to day basis. Although raw storage costs seem to be decreasing, organizations are spending increasingly more on storage acquisition and management.

Virtually every organization and every CIO, therefore, share a common and substantial agenda: reduce and manage costs, optimize and deliver the right service levels by application, and provide the right level of data protection—or in today’s business vernacular, “do more with less”—which is where Portlock Storage Manager fits into the corporate data structure. After 9/11 corporate executives are requiring CIO’s (Chief Information Officers) to keep more businesses data online and available for longer periods of time to meet a number of new Federal and State regulations.

Achieving this goal requires putting the right data storage infrastructure in place and managing the infrastructure to continually deliver optimized results, utilizing Portlock Storage Manager accomplishes this goal. IT Managers are searching for ways to drive “intelligent” consumption of storage into the enterprise which requires separating infrastructure from applications to prevent unplanned and reactionary spending, so delivering storage as a service.

Outsourcing IT infrastructure is one way of achieving storage as a service. However, with Portlock Storage Manager, organizations can now effectively control storage management costs, increase service levels, and manage their business themselves, using their own internal resources. Portlock Storage Manager enables, automated storage resource, network, and device management of multi-vendor environments, allowing IT departments to “plan” all the elements of their IT infrastructure, “build” their infrastructure, and “manage” required service levels from a source—for better performance, improved productivity, and reduced costs.

Growth of the Industry

According to IDC’s (consulting firm) Worldwide Quarterly Storage Software Tracker the worldwide storage-software market grew 24.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2005 compared to the same period in 2004, reaching US$2.78 billion in total revenue. The growth spurt was a surprise, given that the first part of the year had been relatively lackluster. Bolstered in large part by fourth-quarter sales, full-year revenues for 2005 grew 8 percent, injecting almost 1 billion dollars into the marketplace.
Mr. Bill North, Research Director, storage software research, told NewsFactor. “The overall business climate wasn't as positive at the beginning of the year. Now, we are seeing that storage software is not only growing, but it is growing at an accelerated pace.”

Portlock Growth

Regardless of market share numbers, but in terms of increased revenue, Portlock grew 13% from the fourth quarter of 2005 to the first quarter of 2006 with a very robust increase of 30% from the first quarter of 2006 in comparison to the first quarter of 2005, which exceeded the industry and market trends. While the industry may not have anticipated the accelerated pace of the growth, it has been clear that several trends have been fueling its direction for some time. These trends will only be magnified as sales increase.

For example, the back-up and archive market grew 17.6 percent year-over-year, while the storage replication-software (Portlock Storage Manager) and the storage resource-management markets grew 14.7 percent and 16.2 percent year-over-year, respectively. For the full year, the storage resource-management market posted the strongest revenue growth of 11.3 percent, followed by the storage replication-software market with 9.5 percent annual growth.

Companies need to manage much more storage in the coming year, but with the same amount of staffing, so Portlock’s software will be a valuable item for them to include in the upcoming budget year.

Finally, the economy of the last two-and-a-half years continues to impact storage purchases. Companies still want to do more with less and Portlock’s software gives them the flexibility to accomplish that goal: At the same time as companies begin to make new software purchases, the demand for more storage is growing, so the demand for Portlock’s products will only increase.

IBM sees that trend as well, says Theresa O'Neil, director of market strategy for IBM's storage software. “Managers are dealing with environments that are growing much larger. That, coupled with the trend towards automated provisioning, is a demand for software that can manage these elements as a whole,” she told NewsFactor.

Note: All of the major storage-software segments posted double-digit revenue growth in the fourth quarter of 2003, and new buyer trends influenced sales in these sectors, in particular.

With the success of their enterprise product, Portlock Storage Manager, Portlock has established credibility in the market place as the leading disaster recovery and data protection software company in the world. The storage management industry is ever changing and since September 11th companies have placed a tremendous emphasis on disaster recovery and data protection, changing their strategies as well as their way of thinking. The kinds of recovery companies now have to plan for are much different from earlier scenarios. These new factors have been reflected in the storage-replication market and using Portlock Storage Manager is the key component of a good disaster-recovery strategy.

Another larger trend impacting the storage industry reflects the many changes in regulatory compliance requirements. The ability to go back and retrieve records in a timely fashion and retain them for a specific period of time is driving a new kind of software and new combinations of software packages to emerge.

Portlock has formed strategic partnerships and alliances with major players in the storage industry, Novell, XIOtech, IBM, and Microsoft in particular, which allows Portlock to provide customers a single source for their storage management needs.